Does Your Credit Score Impact Your Future?

Defining The Impact of Your Credit Score

free credit scoreIf you’re like many people today, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Your credit score has a huge impact on your future that you may not have even considered. Your credit score can impact a wide array of factors about your life, up to and including:

Your ability to buy a home
Your employment opportunities
Your children’s school
The car that you drive
How much you can borrow
Your interest rate
Your legal status

All of those things are an important part of your future and the future of your family. Your credit score should be a part of your life that you safeguard nearly as stringently as you safeguard any other kind of property that you own, yet many of us are not aware that identity theft can and does change people’s life.

One of the most rapidly growing kinds of crime, having your identity stolen can cost you so much more than just money and headaches. In fact, in one case, a woman in the United States actually lost her children due to a medical identity theft and it took months for her to get them back again.

What’s your score? Do you know your credit score and do you know what is listed on your credit report? The truth is that most of us don’t, but making sure that we check our free annual credit report regularly is a way to prevent identity theft, to prevent financial losses and in some cases, to prevent medical identity theft which can be just as harmful as any other type of identity theft out there. Your free annual credit report has a lot to offer and you can get it free, without joining a monthly service from any of the credit bureaus. Take the time to check out your annual credit report and if necessary, to join a service that can help you to monitor your credit and resolve any identity theft issues that may have taken place. One of the best that you can join will be Your Score and More

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  1. how to get my score up to buy a car?

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