Prevent Identity Theft-Check Your Score

The First Thing to do to Prevent Identity Theft

What’s the score? That’s a question we hear very frequently about sports and games of all kinds. It isn’t one that we hear about the most important score in our life–our credit score.

Knowing the score is an important part of our lives for a few very important reasons. One of those reasons is to prevent identity thieves from walking away with the things that make our life a little nicer. Your home, your job, your good credit, whether or not you can take that vacation or rent a hotel room all depend on your credit score to some extent.

When you review your score you prevent identity theft, but it takes a little more than that to halt the crime that is hitting America in nearly epidemic proportions. Making sure that you take extra steps to stem the tide of identity thieves that are flooding America is largely up to you.

One of the easier methods of helping to prevent identity theft is to buy a simple lock for your mailbox or to install a locking mailbox. Many people are not aware that their mailbox is a prime target for identity thieves. More identity theft takes place offline than online. In fact, according to the recent identity theft statistics, it’s a fact that studies of identity theft victims show that 68.2% of identity theft crimes happen offline, while only 11.6% of instances occurred online.

What that means is that securing your identity offline is actually more important than it is online. Keep your mailbox locked. Tear up or shred any offers of credit that you’re not going to use.

Don’t leave important or personal papers lying around inside the home. In many cases, it is someone known to the identity theft victim who is responsible for the identity theft.

Make it a habit to guard your identity anywhere and everywhere and ensure that you’re not open to being a victim. Check your credit report regularly and go over it with a fine tooth comb. Make sure that you report any mistakes and check out anything that you see that doesn’t look right to you. Your credit is one of the most important things that you have going for you. What’s your score? Find out at Prevent Identity Theft by Checking Your Score.