Getting a Free Credit Report Annually-Recommended Methods

According to the federal laws of the United States, every credit bureau of the three major reporting bureaus must provide you with one copy each year of their credit report. It is required that this free credit report be offered annually, but only when you request it. The free annual credit report is not automatically sent to you, but must be requested. Reviewing your free credit report annually is imperative in order to ensure that you are tracking credit charges and to ensure that your credit score is viable against the time that you may need it.

It is also important to keep track of your credit score to assure that you are not the victim of identity theft or of any kind of fraud that may be damaging to your credit. Because these things can happen, keeping close track of your credit scores is an important part of assuring the health of your finances. A better way to do that is to space out your requests to the three major credit bureaus over the course of the year instead of trying to get all of your free annual credit reports at one time.

Request from one credit bureau about every four months. This way, you’re getting a free annual credit report every few months. That allows you to keep closer track of your finances than if you had requested all of them at the same time and then had to wait another year in order to be able to view them again.

In addition, any time that you apply for credit, the company from which you apply must give you the name of the credit bureau that they used in order to obtain your credit report. If you are turned down or denied credit by the company from which you request it that company must notify you of the credit reporting agency that they used as well as give you contact information for that credit bureau. You are then permitted at any time during the next sixty days to obtain another free annual credit report using the information about the credit bureau with which you were supplied.